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AVR 3805 question

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Can someone explain to me the pure direct and direct settings. I have my dvd3910 connected to the 3805 using the R/L analog to the cd in on the receiver. When I use the pure direct feature the subwoofer is still active. I thought pure direct/direct were supposed to bypass the bass management in the receiver? I don't want to receiver to apply A/D to D/A conversions.
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Here's info I got from Denon about the Direct/Pure Direct settings:-

Quote from Denon:

"Stereo with an analogue input, stays analogue as it passes through an analogue High-Pass Filter (if the speakers are configured to small) while a seperate but parallel signal goes to the DSP for Low-Pass filtering. In DIRECT Mode the Hi-Pass Filter is bypassed, while the digital Low-Pass is still active. In PURE DIRECT Mode, both the analogue High-Pass and digital Low-Pass are bypassed, however an analogue Low-Pass takes over, so in PURE DIRECT it is 100% analogue"

If the signal is digital then the Amp doubles up the DAC's to four for each channel in Pure Direct mode. Bass management (Large/Small etc) is still bypassed as are all Tone Controls, Video Circuits.

You can switch the Sub ON or OFF if you want. Just go into the individual channel levels settings for Pure Direct/Direct and lower the SW channel to -12db then OFF.
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Thanks Jase,

I called Denon also. Basically the direct and pure direct settings are shutting down the video side of things. Bass management is still applied. If I want to bypass the BM completely they said I should use the ext inputs. That is what I plan on doing. I have a DVD3910 and I want all of the proccessing to occur in the player. I just have to use the multi channel outputs.
They're going against their own tech info if that's the case. My info came from Denon Jeff who used to frequent this Forum a while back. Direct and Pure Direct bypass Bass Management etc and send full range signals to the front channels regardless of what you select in the main speaker setup menu. You can have the sub on or off if you wish. Pure Direct went one further than Direct mode by shutting off the front panel and video circuits.

The Denon's with Pure Direct all have 100% analog bypass but it was never pushed as a feature for some reason.

Later models have extra setup options for 2ch/Direct etc so it's possible they're referring to those instead. Be surprised if they've gone backwards in that dept though.
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