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Avr 3806 --- Hdmi

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Just was reading the section of the manual regarding analogue to hdmi conversion and want to be sure if there is a mistake ....Sending attachment

Third point on attachment....

If the monitor is not compatabile with 480i/576i, connect player and the avr3806 using componenet cables........

Guess not the player but the monitor has to be connected with component cables with the Avr 3806 to get the right resolution.

Am I right or I am missing something?


Was thinking of getting the avr4306 instead but I did already order the other...
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As a guess, it's saying if your monitor can't handle the HDMI at your desired resolution, then you have to use component from AVR to it. In turn the AVR has to be fed from your original DVD source with component - i.e analogue normal with HDMI out of the loop altogether.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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