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We have been having some serious issues (HDCP issues) with our cable box and it has been getting worse. Today, after my fiance had been watching TV, I came out and started watching. I noticed the volume seemed low and there was about half the amount of bass that there normally is.

I've been through every setting I can, and re-run the audyssey setup with no luck.

For example: Usually play the xbox at volume level no higher than 35. This evening I had to crank it up to 20 and there is about half the low-end response that there normally is. Surround is still working and all seems normal minus the volume and bass level. Even with the volume up, there is still half the amount of bass that there was previously

What am I missing? What has she changed that I can't find? Its like someone turning off the "loundness" button so to speak.

All is controlled through a Harmony ONE remote WITHOUT Batpigs profile from Logitech. I know she was individually controlling devices at one point so I think its just a setting but I can't find it for the life of me
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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