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I am not exactly trying to set up a DVR, but rather a bluetooth transmitter device from GE: GE Bluetooth® Home Stereo Transmitter and Receiver (99004) . The GE device works perfectly as a transmitter and receiver when operating independently of my system. I wanted to get it set up so I could use bluetooth headphones with my system.

Since I want the bluetooth device to continue receiving sound even when the main zone is muted, my first instinct was to set up Zone 2 on the Denon to send sound to the 99004. Unfortunately, I discovered that the AVR890 does not do digital to analog conversion for Zone 2 or REC OUT (This is a feature of the AVR990), and that I would only be sending analog signals!! This makes it completely useless, as almost all of my components are using HDMI.

My next inkling was to use the DVR outputs. The manual says that the DVR RCA outputs will only send analog signals, but there is also a TOSLink optical DVR OUT labeled OPT-2! I thought my problems were solved, that I could simply get an external DAC ( GefenTV DAC GTV-DIGAUD-2-AAUD ) to convert the optical signal to stereo RCA and send it to the 99004. However, much to my chagrin, I discovered that the OPT-2 output is not sending any signal. How do I get the OPT-2 to send audio? Is there a trigger that I must have other DVR inputs connected for the AVR890 to start sending audio out over OPT-2?

My components are set up like so, with the connections labeled as the inputs of the device they flow into.
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