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I have the following coming in:

2 RP-280F
1 RP-450C
2 RP-250S
And already have an old-ish R115SW.

Also planning on adding a second set of 250S's or a pair of bookshelfs in the future depending on which makes more sense at the time. A possible second sub as well as the setup grows.

The question comes down to the following:

Denon X4100W
Onkyo TX-NR838
Pioneer Elite SC85
Or an old Onkyo TX-NR626 from a friend.

What quality of life differences am I realistically looking at between these? I assume as these are all mid-level AVR the sound quality will not be drastically different between them. Would a different AVR perhaps make more sense here? I appreciate all the advise you have to offer!

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The Denon X4100W and Pioneer Elite SC-85 are levels above the Onkyo models, both offering all speaker and sub EQ as well as Atmos 5.2.4. The Denon X4100W is just coming off a 2 week MSRP reduction by Denon which ends tomorrow. If you want more specific information or pricing on any of these models, please contact us; if we don’t have the product in stock, we can usually get it very quickly.
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