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avr for this setup

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I'm going to buy a dali concept package:

Dali concept 6 tower fronts

Dali concept center chanel

dali concept 1 or 2s for rear surround

dali concept sub

I have an original (non slim) ps3 that I run for blurays, obviously I want something that can do the LPCM stuff for HD codecs, I've been looking at a few, and I dont want to spend a HUGE ammount, say $700 AUD maximum - I know its not alot for an avr, but I want to see where things are going with 3d/HDMI 1.4 etc etc.

Ive so far found:

Onyko tx-sr576

pioneer VSX-519V

open to more suggestions, comments.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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