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I'm brand new to home theater/stereo receiver equipment and need help with my potential set-up. I've scoured lots and lots of forums to try and figure out what exactly I need for my usage and think I've found it, but need feedback just to make sure.

Here's my current devices that I need hooked up.

I have a MMF-5.1 turntable, a 42" Samsung 3D LED TV, and a soon-to-be hackintosh. I needed equipment that could drive my turntable, but at the same time had HDMI inputs for my computer and TV(since most of my music is contained digitally on my computer and I need a receiver that can decode FLAC and other high quality formats and comes with good DAC capabilities onboard), and space to upgrade to at least 5.1 if I ever needed it, but am sticking with 2.1 or 3.1 for now. Since this will

I will be doing about 80% music listening to about 20% movies/home theater. I listen to mainly folk-rock, Americana, jam band, and post-rock/ambient.

After researching, I think I've found the components I am going to buy. I was looking at the Marantz PM5003 integrated amplifier (for the MMF-5.1) to hook up to the L/R pre-outs of an NAD T-747 A/V receiver and then drive either Usher S-520 bookshelf speakers or Totem dreamcatchers.

Will this be acceptable for my needs? Any other suggestions for components? What inputs/outputs do I need besides SPDIF and HDMI do I need for my computer to have to ensure the highest quality signal to be transferred to the receiver?

My budget is about $1500-$2000. ~$600 on receiver, ~$400 for amplifier, and the rest on speakers.

Edit: Not sure if this will help or not but I currently am using a Fiio E7 +E9 headphone amplifier and DAC combo with Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro's and really like the sonic signature of them with my listening habits.
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