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I have a Panasonic C42FD18 - Viera plasma screen and the Panasonic DMP-BD35 Blu-Ray player.

Also yesterday I purchased a set of Audio Pro Allroom 5.1 surround sound speakers (for $99!! from Best Buy)

I am looking for the best AVR option considering the following circumstances:

- My Blu-ray player can only output multi-channel audio via HDMI so I'd like the receiver to be able to take audio via HDMI

- Considering the price I paid for the speakers and TV I wouldn't want my AVR to be a top-notch product either so let's assume my budget is limited to $350 Canadian

- In the future I might also get some kind of an HD cable box/satellite receiver so I'd like the receiver to have at least 2 HDMI inputs

-I am located in Toronto, Canada so the product would ideally be available in the GTA area as well.

I am looking at a Sony STR-DG810 receiver for $288 Canadian but I'm not entirely sure if it is capable of everything I need. The price certainly seems to be right, but CNET's review of this AVR is making me have second thoughts.

I wouldn't mind some suggestions from somebody who has a little more experience than me.
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