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Hi all,

I know, another "which AVR should I get thread". However, I've got a few wrinkles with my planned AVR upgrade. Budget of $1,000 or less (hopefully) and it'll be an upgrade to a 4-year old HK.

- Need analog Multichannel Inputs for my legacy SACD player. I know, newer ones can send via HDMI. However, I'd like to keep my legacy SACD jukebox (holds 400 discs) and use analog in's rather than HDMI

- Need a dedicated Record Player input if at all possible

- At least 5 (hopefully 6) HDMI Inputs

- Receiver must have a 'PURE' option where any video signal is sent untouched to the display unit

Not worried about additional Zone's. Would say a 70-30 split between audio-only usage and a/v usage.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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In the Denon lineup, the 4311CI is the lowest model with multi channel analog inputs and is on clearance for a couple of hundred over your budget however, offers the most advanced version of Audyssey MultEQ XT32. Note however, that Audyssey is disabled when using the multi channel analog inputs which is why most folks prefer to use HDMI from the SACD player when available.


If HDMI 1.4/3D is not a requirement, you can also find ext inputs on the older HDMI 1.3 2809CI (non-networking) or the 3808CI (networking).
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