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Hi guys,

I have the AVR-S900W and for some strange reason, the physical remote is no longer alive. I have the Denon IOS app, but I cannot for the live of me figure out how to turn on "All Zone Stereo" function from the IOS or, or any other way really (front panel, etc).

Is this function truly only accessible with a physical remote? I really would like to have the ability to turn it on/off remotely with my iPhone.

any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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Try replacing the batteries in the remote. Otherwise, you can also simply select a stereo source to play in the main zone and Zone 2 using the buttons on the front panel of the AVR.

Also note there is a whole thread dedicated to just the 2014 Denon AVR models ..... review posts 3-6 for additional helpful information on your unit.

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