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Hello all,

Have had the 6300H for 18 months....it shuts down within just a few minutes of playing Atmos using 9 channels and the top is very, very hot. It shuts down every time...and I'm playing at a good volume but not a really loud volume. This is not a problem for watching regular tv or playing surround music.

I have a professional audio-visual installer who made all my connections. He thinks the unit just can't handle using all 9 channels and that its simply too much for it..saying the footprint is too small...curious for others' opinions. We double checked my paradigm monitor speaker wires, etc. I even bought a new set of monitor audio speakers after I took it in for repair to ensure speakers were not the problem. The Denon certified repair shop contacted Denon who told them to adjust the bias for each speaker channel....but they never ran the unit using all nine channels which annoyed me. I spent a total of 6 hours in my driving it to and from the repair shop. Their adjustment didn't solve the problem. I then mailed the unit to a place Denon recommended in New Jersey. I don't know what they did to it but they recommended Denon send me a x6500H which is on its way.

Has anyone had this problem with the 6300H and do you think the 6300/6500 can actually handle that much power draw required for Atmos 9 channel?

thanks in advance for any thoughts on this!:)

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