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So here's my setup: Denon AVR 2809 as a Pre/Pro, Sony TAN9000ES amp (115 WPC at 4 Ohms) in 3 channel mode, and an Audiosource Amp200(1/2channel) (80WPC @8Ohms). The speakers are Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grands (4 Ohms), Vienna Acoustics Theatro (6 0hms) , and the rears from an old PC600 Def Tech 5.1 system (8 Ohms) I used to own. (I am Also Using A Martin Logan Dynamo Sub but that's not really part of my issue.)

As of now I am using the Sony TAN900ES in 3 Channel Mode for my fronts and the AMP200 to drive my rears. But I can't help but wonder if I would be better off using all the amps for the fronts (2 channel from the TAN900ES and Mono the AMP200 for the center since the center is so important for the soundtrack of the movie. I used to use the AMP200 as a Mono amp when I had the def tech system and I used a mythos three center. It sounded so darn good on this amp that I thought the HDDVD menu beeps were a squeek in the room somewhere!!!

I love audio...tricked by my own system :)

So what do you guys think? Should I invest all my external amps into the front of the system and let the 2809 handle the rears since they're small and not very demanding of power or is it fine the way it is?

Thoughts, suggestions...???
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