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I purchased this in December 2007, so outside the 2 year warrantee. The issue below is new, because all of my existing components have worked correctly earlier with the same HDMI connections.


My issue – I can get no HDMI audio or video output from the unit. Nor can I get video when I am trying to use the OSD programming. I have been troubleshooting this with several different HDMI cables, with two different TVs, and have tried the reset of 5min power off plus TONE MODE.


Each of the AV components work correctly when they are directly HDMI - connected to the TV. But the I can’t get A/V when the components are connected into the AVR HDMI inputs and then HDMI output to the TV.


The original configuration that formerly worked fine:

- Motorola Comcast cable box connected to the AVR digital audio. Component video directly to TV

- Integra DPC-7.7 DVD Changer, connected to AVR using HDMI1 and analog R/L audio (for multi-room)

- Sony BDP BX58 blue ray player and streamer connected to HDMI2

- the AVR HDMI output is sent to Philips 720p plasma TV


Other details:  

- I reset multiple times with nothing connected. Then turn on AVR after reset and listen to radio tuner. Then power off and connect HDMI to TV only.  No HDMI inputs being used after this re-set

- Even with this simple set-up, there is no A/V available. Then, when trying only to do OSD, the unit will show the OSD in the AVR’s LCD, but will not display the expected OSD programming window on the TV

- There was a firmware update in 2008 that I never did. 


THANKS, HK Audiofiles!
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