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AVS Forum Looking For Front Page Content!

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AVS Forum Looking For Front Page Content!

Are you a technical writer or a person that loves the tech in this world of auto and video? Are you looking for your work to be seen and read by tens of thousands? Looking to be discovered as a writer? Well here is your chance!

AVS Forum, the largest on-line community of audio/video enthusiasts, manufacturers, and professionals, is looking for front page content articles for the site. Now while we do not offer payment for your work, we can offer a way for your work to be seen the the largest collection of enthusiasts, manufacturers, and press that deal with this great industry. Be it an ego boost you may be after, or a way to get your work out to be seen, we just may be able to help each other.

We are looking for stories, news, technical writings, and well, just some good old funny thoughts on this great world of "Home Theater" and "Home Cinema". We will have a section of the site for "AVS Articles" and your work, if selected, can be in that section. These selected articles would also show up on the front page of the site! Heck, you may even find yourself featured in the upcoming AVS Forum Newsletter that will be going out to, well, only several hundred thousand people!

So, care to be a part of this great community and help expand it once again as we continue to grow and offer more to the members and guests? If so, read on.

Ok, so you are reading on. Great! Here is how this will work. The work you submit can NOT have been published elsewhere. You must be the original author and own the rights to the work. You can submit stories, news, technical writings, etc directly to us at [email protected] . We will then consider your work and if accepted, we will publish it in a special section of our site and it will also appear on the home page of the site. Once we have published at least three of your works, if you are a member of AVS Forum, you may be offered to post directly to the special section of the site without it first being reviewed. However we would still reserve the right to pull the content.

We will not accept items that are marketing related. We will not accept anything that is "off color". We will have the right to use the content without compensation as we see fit, though you will hold the copyright to your own work. You will receive an e-mail before we post your first work with the full disclosure of use. You will need to reply back to this e-mail with a note that you agree.

So that is about it. Lets have some fun with this and see where it goes!

Thanks all for making AVS the place to be for anything home A/V related.
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