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Hi Guys

first time poster (been lurking for a while, already lost some hair regarding Panny vs Samsung on the TV side - currently leaning towards PN64D8000)

On to Blu Ray Players..

Is BD-D6900 a US model or UK model?

The lady @ Samsung tells me that the "D" models are 2011 and "C" models are 2010. The US site lists the blue ray models (BD-D7500, BD-D6700, BD-D6500 etc).

Concur? Dissent?

Does anyone know the lag time between Samsung announcing its newest products and their sites getting updated?


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I have a new Samsung BD-D6900 blu-ray player and I experience an issue when playing files from an USB device:

in my external USB HDD I have a lot of PAL 720x576i anamorphic (i.e. DAR 16:9) mpeg2 files which are "native" DTT recording from several broadcaster obtained through an usb stick on my desktop PC.

The issue is that they are displayed as 4:3 on my 16:9 Panasonic TH42PV60 plasma TV, that is with lateral black bars.

You have to know that:

- all files are correctly reproduced with any software player running under Windows and with a cheaper LG BD-550 player

- all files are recognized by Mediainfo as 720x576i DAR 16:9 files

- if I demux one of this mpeg2 files and re-encode it as 720x576 DAR 16:9 h264 video stream in mkv container I STILL experience this issue

- if I demux one of this mpeg2 files and re-encode it as 720x576 DAR 16:9 h264 video stream in mp4 container, the file is CORRECTLY reproduced !

- I have upgraded the latest 1007 firmware

- I'm using an 1.4 hdmi cable

- I experience the same issue when using a composite connection with my TV

- THE SAME anamorphic content, if authored without any transcoding as DVD and burned on a DVD+-R disc, is CORRECTLY reproduced

On my opinion this is a FIRMWARE BUG

Anyone else experienced similar results with Samsung BD-Dxxx (2011) series ?


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