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PLEASE HELP! I am looking to buy a new LCD TV -- currently the 47" Vizio VL470 is at the top of my list at Samsclub (since I can extend the warranty to 5 full years for cheaper than anyone else's 2-3 year plan). However, after reading dozens of complaints about Vizio I am concerned. But then again I find many complaints on Samsung and Sony as well -- just not quite as many.

In my research, very few people have lcd (or plasma) tvs longer than 3-4 years -- whether it's by choice (upgrading) or product failure. Please help me decide what to do by posting your tv history -- like mine below.


27'" CRT Magnavox 1994-2010 - $499 - died this past Sunday - had been used on average 10 hours per day for the last 10 years

37" LCD Olevia Nov 2007-present - $499 - still going strong - used about 3 hours per day

DLP Infocus 4805 Dec 2004-present - $1,100 - still going strong - only has a little over 1,000 hours on original bulb
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