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i need to find out, if this product will accept component cables in the form of 480p and 720p and then output to 1080i ??????


ps. i want to use it for a couple of different reasons,

one is for my xbox, there r some games that have 720p capability and i want to convert to 1080i, and also

i want to use it to convert my 480p dvd player to 1080i,

btw i have hdtv ready tv (480p 1080i)

if this doesnt work, is there anything else u reccomend?
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The Briteview/Imagemax only accepts 480i.

I think the cheapest thing to do what you want is the CS-HD at roughly $900, but perhaps there is something else available.

Best regards,

what if i used the N6 with a vga to component adaptor?? (vga and rgb is the same right??)
For the N6, it has to be a transcoder and not just a dongle like ATI's or breakout cable. It will cost over $100 for a nice one. You may want to keep the AVT-3700 and put XBOX in 480i and upconvert to 1080i. If you have not bought anything yet, I'd just run XBOX directly into your HDTV using component at 480i/p. I really doubt you will see much difference on a STB HDTV. If you were using FP then you may want to invest in an external scaler.
would this work with N6? the GPV-2000 from ramelectronics net (i cant post hyperlinks yet cause im a newbie)

remember, what im trying to accomplish is getting the most out of the 720p compatible xbox games (since my hd tv only handles 480i/p and 1080i) and maybe get a better picture out of my 480p dvd player

thanx john
actually ive decided that im gonna try this:

combining the N6 with the KD-VTCA2 vga(rgb) to component video

converter/transcoder ($140)

i think this setup should work, anyone have any comments????

thx john
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