TV Reviews here at AVS Forum usually involve the Flagship product. While this is a lot of fun for us Reviewers we are lets face it: writing for a living and alas we aren’t Stephen King or the like that rolls in the money (I assume that is what they do with it).

I have a lot of memories in my youth when I just got into this lovable hobby for the Home Theater Enthusiast of building systems and saving up money to get the nicest TV I could afford.

I would generally save up for a specific model type. TV Manufacturer’s have their flagship technology they design the TVs around. Then they have different series or models with that technology. They usually have 4 tiers. The tier that I used to save for initially in the hobby was the 2nd tier. It wasn’t the entry, and as the step up it usually had the bells and whistles you wanted at an affordable price.

As you age and become more experienced you also become better paid for your services. This in my case meant I could afford the next tier up in TVs which most people in my profession consider a good deal. You get a lot closer to the performance of the flagships but you don’t pay near the cost to buy the very best. As a Home Theater Enthusiast I want the best performance I can afford.

With this experience also comes wisdom. You realize how important that “Sweet Spot,” Tier 2 is. It’s generally the best choice in the price performance ratio. The best bang for the buck TV is important.

So when my boss asked me “What TV do you want to review?” I asked for the Q70 (also known as the Q70A) from SAMSUNG. The Q70 is in that 2nd tier I mentioned. I figured my fellow Enthusiasts at AVS Forum would appreciate an honest review.

I was excited when the 65 inch Q70 showed up. The wife is also an Enthusiast. She isn’t as far down the rabbit hole as I am, but she loves our hobby. So she was just as interested in helping me unbox it and get it set up.

The Samsung Q70 falls in my “So Simple A Toddler Could Do It” category of installation/set up. Everything on the back is well labeled, the manual is well written, but you never need it. The remote is intuitive and in today’s world set up is all done on screen via choices that are well described.

Suffice to say it is easy to get right into enjoying the TV. This TV is an easy TV to enjoy too. QLED is a very interesting technology that is now also a very mature technology. Samsung has mastered their QLED tech at this point.

So in most other reviews they start diving into what QLED is. I believe the members at AVS Forum are more advanced than that. What we care about is black levels, color accuracy, motion handling, etc. There are also plenty of sources for measurements on the TV. So for reviews I am just going to tell you how I see it and hear it.

So lets just get the basics handled: It’s a 4K UHD HDR QLED TV with HDMI 2.1. It comes with all the neat things that you expect from HDMI 2.1 for gaming. 4K 120, VRR, all the good stuff. You can check out the TV and all of the specs as well as price:


One very interesting aspect of this TV is that it works with some of the Samsung sound bars adding the speakers from the TV to the overall sound experience. Samsung calls this Q Symphony. I was graciously supplied the Q950A SoundBar (that comes with 2 wireless satellites and a wireless sub) by the wonderful people at Samsung. So I did test this out, but you can read all about Q Symphony and my experiences with it in the Q950A review (that will be published shortly).

So after set up I jumped into games first. I have both the PS5 and the Series X. I like to test VRR and 4K120 for both and get all that “does it work like it should” questions out of the way. Then I test all the different settings. Figure out what setting I think works best for each activity (games, streaming, movies). Then I just get into each activity and enjoy it making notes of my experiences.

I don’t sit around trying to recalibrate repeatedly trying to capture as close to perfection as the equipment will let me. I do quick calibrations if needed and just try and enjoy the experience.

Bottom line it was EASY to enjoy my experience with this Samsung Q70 TV. It started with the PS5 and playing Deathloop which is a meticulously detailed First Person Shooter.

Everything you want in a great gaming monitor is here. This TV is truly great at gaming. It may be the best aspect of this TV. The dark scenes in Deathloop are extremely detailed thanks to contrast clarity of the detailed HDR images from this TV. TVs didn’t look this good back when I was buying TVs in this category. Younger generations don’t know how good they have it!

Check out Deathloop here:

After Deathloop I jumped into Microsoft’s Flight Simulator on the Xbox Series X. Flight Simulator has been around since the 1980s on computers (and yes, I used to play it as a child). Flight Simulator is cool because its a realistic flight simulator. You get to fly around.

Back in the 80s it was technically accurate but the graphics were far from realistic. As Flight Simulator had new releases over the decades the game became more realistic looking while always keeping the physics and technical aspects as accurate as possible.

In my eyes Flight Simulator is the ultimate Next Generation Console example. The graphics on this simulator are shockingly realistic from FOG to rain, to you name it. This game is realistic. How realistic? You can fly in real time conditions! HDR gaming is fully shown off with this set. Every little detail that is so finely portrayed on this TV is so immaculate you have to play the game on this TV to believe it. Check the game out here:

So when you play a game that is this advanced and unbelievably cool you want to see it look the best it can. The Q70 rocks with this title. I “accidentally” found myself playing well past the allotted time I had given myself to “review” and this is a combination of the game AND the TV. You better believe this TV had me playing the game going “wow” repeatedly to my wife (and her back to me) whenever we saw a new stunning view from the cockpit.

It was at this point that I realized I just loved this TV. The colors were vibrant, the contrast better than I expected, but mainly for gaming this TV is just a great choice.

I then jumped into streaming. I watched some What If on Disney+ and some Ted Lasco on Apple+. Streaming starts to show where this TV is lacking compared to the Q80 and Q90 models. It is still a good picture, but you notice it doesn’t have the black levels of the higher end models or the brightness. What it does have though is rather great color rendering for this price point.

What that seems to be providing is a better than average streaming experience compared to other sets in the price range. Streaming is sadly based on network reliability and my internet provider isn’t the best. So I don’t want to put too much into streaming performance.

Time to jump into some 4K UHD HDR Blu Rays. One movie that is just awful at HDR to most people is the new Blade Runner movie. It’s very dark. However I think it is tough on TVs. If you can watch this movie on a TV and not have it bring you out of the experience with bad picture artifacts and other things that pick away at you while you watch the movie, it’s a good tv. This is a good TV. It wasn’t what it did well while watching the movie, it is what it didn’t do.

You can check out Blade Runner 2049 here:

I then threw in a favorite of mine for HDR viewing: Ready Player One. What I immediately noticed was the lack of brightness to properly display HDR images. This is extremely common in TVs under fifteen hundred dollars or so. This is exasperated by the lower black levels this TV provides. Combined in HDR for movies (gaming HDR is much better on the TV) this TV is above average for its price point. It didn’t excel at showing harder to see images in Ready Player One.

On an exceptional HDR set you see exhaust from the cars in the first race scene for the first key (if you have seen the movie you’ll know the scene and what I am talking about). The details you can see in this scene on a great HDR monitor are intense. There is so much going on during this scene. With a lot of effects that you can’t see on the Q70. This is not uncommon for the vast majority of TVs out there.

What this TV does well though is provide bright vibrant colors that pop in this movie. There is a scene where the protagonists dance and one is wearing a red dress that is just stunning to see her move in on the screen. The dress just pops in an otherwise dark scene. There is another brief scene where the sun is shining over “the stacks,” and you could see just how awesome the strengths are of this TV.

You can get Ready Player One here:

Competition: LG, Sony, TCL, Hisense, etc. All the normal players have a similarly priced unit. At this price point you’re trying to get the best PQ and size combo you can get. TCL and Hisense have some interesting choices in this price range. Sony also has a couple models that are enticing around this price.

Conclusion: I love this TV. As mentioned before at this price point you try and get the best PQ in the largest set possible (at least I do). I’m not sure there is a better choice at this price point than the Q70. The Q70 at 65 inches puhes what you can expect from a TV at this price point.

How much do I like it? Well I have need for a TV of this size and price point in my home. I like it enough to buy one. I don’t know what better recommendation a reviewer can give….

So I have awarded this set with AVS Forum’s Top Choice award specifically for the Q70A line up at Samsung. A truly remarkable TV.