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Hey Everyone,

My First post?!?! I get the privelage of monitoring sites like this for my job, ha..

I just bought a new house and was going to buy a LCD tv, but after all the time i spend on here i thought i would check out the projector section, and omg. I am thinking of getting a pt AX 200U

My room layout in my new house is going to be alot of ambient light *that is why i picked the AX200u* from 3 sides. The ceilings are tall, and it is about 30 feet to the back of the room.

A couple of questions. I am thinking of ceiling mounting it and then using a extension mount to bring it down. Do you guys have any recommendations for a cheap screen to get that would help with ambient light? the other question is, i am going to have to have an electrician run a new plug for me. should i also install a surge protector?

any ideas?!

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