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Greetings. I first apologize if this issue has been discussed already in the "official" forum, but my eyes started bleeding after about the first 20 pages.

The AX200U is my first large display of any kind, and wow, what a jump from the ol' 32" CRT.
I just have one complaint and question. I think my LCD panels might be mis-aligned, or possibly what I'm seeing is a result of the "smooth screen" feature of this projector(?)

I did some testing last night with some test patterns (AVS HD 709). This was after I notticed text displayed from my computer (I use it for watching Hulu) is extremely soft and rainbow colored looking. At first I passed it off as simply "it's not a computer monitor..." Computer is hooked up via DVI and HDMI. I first figured this was just a problem with the signal the computer was sending, because video content from the computer and from other sources (PS3) all seemed to look fine. But then I burned and ran the AVS HD709 in my PS3.

It seems my projecor is triple(?) stamping... In the one pattern, there are single pixel white dots inside a black square. As I got real close to the screen, instead of the dots being a nice sharp single pixel white dot... there is a "splotch" of red, green and blue with only the center (where the 3 colors intersect) being actually white.

Either my LCD panels are mis-aligned by defect, or this is an intentional aspect of the "smooth screen" feature of this PJ. In which case I'd laugh, because then obviously all they did is mis-align the panels, and create a fancy name.

Obviously this is what is causing a complete lack of edge sharpness (text) regardless of if it's intentional, or not. Anyone have any experience with this? I'll be attempting to call Panasonic on Monday.

Thanks for any input!

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