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First of all let me just say that I read AVS forums anytime I have a question about anything regarding audio/video and I really appreciate all of the feedback people leave. So I want to buy a projector for movies/games. I am concerned about quality but am not an audio/videophile. My budget is 1000-1300. I am slightly concerned about rainbow effect because while I am not sensitive to it, who knows maybe a friend is or something and that is no fun. I am also concerned about degradation of organic LCD panels over time and the possibility of a color wheel breaking. I am interested in knowing the relative costs of repairing if either happened. Basically, I want something that will last. I will be using the projector in a living room with some ambient light. Lens shift is really nice as I want to shelf mount behind couch (my ceiling is high and has a slope so ceiling mount is out) but I am not deeming lens shift a deal breaker... I am not sensitive to fan noise, my comp is a beast and it does not bother me. 1080P is amazing but I can live with 720P. I am very much open to new ideas but these are the projectors I have picked and the logic I used:

AX200U ($999)

---> Pros: outstanding feedback in reviews and posts, game mode, lens shift, no screen door effect, 3LCD so no rainbow effect, high lumens

---> Cons: many posts describing a "flickering" problem after about 300 hours (which would drive me crazy), LCDs degrade over time, cost of replacement bulbs

HD20 ($999)

---> Pros: 1080P, 4x color wheel, price

---> Cons: possibility of rainbow effect, color wheel can break over time, bulb replacement, don't know if the lumens are high enough for me (are they?), no lens shift

XJ-A130 ($799)

---> Pros: 20,000 hour bulb, price, lumens

---> Cons: color wheel can break, 4:3 aspect ratio, no lens shift, possibility of rainbow effect (and speed is not listed anywhere I have looked)

---> Just as a side comment, I could wait until May 2010 for Casio to release a whole line of these LED projectors that will be 16:9...

705HD ($749)

---> Pros: price, high lumens, lower cost of replacement bulbs

---> no lens shift, LCD panels will degrade over time

I appreciate any feedback on these or any other models you think might fit my needs. Thank you so much!
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