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Axiom #1-Top "Secrets" Players Playback DVDR RECORDED Discs The Best....

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If you deny this then you are living in a fantasy world. These DVD players have been tested for MB, artifacts and everything else under the sun. Check the link out. Your DVDR recorded disc criticisms are suspect unless you play them back and view them on the top rated DVD players. Common sense.
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But who wants to spend $3,500 on a DVD player?

Okay, okay....one of the players they recommend is $230. But I still have to wonder why a consumer should have to take his just-burned DVD out of his $400 recorder and put it in another player just to get acceptable picture quality?

If it's just a matter of cutting corners to keep the price as low as possible, I'd say that's the wrong approach in the DVD recorder market. DVD recorders are relatively expensive by nature. People who buy them are not as dollar-conscious as, say, those who are still using VCR's. I'd rather spend a few extra bucks to get a DVD recorder that can give me good playback as well as recording. So it costs me 500 bucks instead of 400. In the grand scheme of things, that's not such a big deal. I just wish they'd do it right.
I absolutely agree, Captain. I surveyed the recorders in Dec 2003 and was dismayed that high quality playback was not part of the package. I have yet to see any examples that the manufacturers are making playback a priority.
Axion #2 - You should have a CRT / LCD / PLASMA / PJ / WHATEVER that belongs to the Top 5.

Axion #3 - You should have video cables that belongs to the Top 3.

Axion #4 - You should earn more money then Tigger Woods.

Axion #5 - You should have eyes that can see more than what human eyes can.

Axion #6 - You should not post things like this !
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Axiom #7:

Denon 5900 owners must upgrade to the 5910... they're 5 points behind in DVD quality.

Axiom #8:

Denon 5910 owners must upgrade to an iScan HD... they're missing 2 points of DVD quality.
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