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B&C 21SW152-4 ... My Funny Valentine has arrived!

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Happy Valentine's Day! Just got the 21SW and the UMIK from MiniDSP. The iNuke 3000 should arrive in a few hours. So $1k in a day I guess

After reading too much about this device, I just couldn't help but pull the trigger. I plan to put the suspension through a similar protocol as the 18SW115 last year (40 hrs at 10Hz / 1" peak to peak). Ricci noted that the Fs and consequent cms were both off specs when fresh. So how long do I beat on it until it gives? I will check Fs with the analyzer before I put it to sine. Can't wait to see if it is as quiet as the 18SW in free air.

Nothing against the RCF, actually I had an LF21N551 on order but it was a 3 week wait, so maybe it was fate to have this thing in my possession. Two of them in 5.5 - 6 cu. ft. should get over the LMS 18", which is the ultimate goal. Yes...I can hear it now...why not just buy an LMS. Short answer? I have my reasons.

I have held off on the 21SW152 because I could not thoroughly understand how it could perform so well past its geometric xmax. The answer? A split-wind inside-outside voice coil. I also wondered how the 21SW115, with a taller coil wind can't post a higher xmax rating than the 21SW152. I think the answer is the sheer amount of BL associated with the 6" VC versus the 4.5" VC in the SW115. Unless I'm missing something.

In my post payment euphoria, I simply overlooked that the 21SW is a 4 ohm driver and the QSC usa900 will only deliver 4 ohm power into 2 channels...not bridged. So guess what? New amp. INuke 1000? Don't even think about it, but I'm not ready to go iNuke 6000, even though a dual-driver cabinet is now on the horizon. After doing some light reading on the iNuke 3000, I decided that it was the best course for now. More to come...

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looking forward to it...

interesting bit about the sw115 and the coil heights. i may look into that one...

Originally Posted by LTD02  /t/1517820/b-c-21sw152-4-my-funny-valentine-has-arrived/0_100#post_24357516

looking forward to it...

interesting bit about the sw115 and the coil heights. i may look into that one...
34 - 14 mm for the SW115 and 30 - 12 mm for the SW152. Flux density 1.15T for the SW115 and 1.2T for the SW152...flux density for the 21IPAL is 1.35T. I think someone seriously needs to be locked up for keeping it confined to OEM. A real shame that is.
The 21IPAL looks great, but the Bl at 19.1 (vs 32.5 on the 21SW152) looks like a lot to give up?
the proper measurement is Bl^2/Re.

rerun the numbers with that in mind and the enormity of the ipal motor will become apparent. :)
I took those Bl figures off the B&C website
Bl by itself is kind of meaningless. square the term and divide by the resistance. then compare those numbers. :)

ipal motor: 19.1^2 / 1 = 365

21sw152 motor: 32.5^2 / 3 = 352

ipal has the stronger motor.

it also has about 50% more excursion capability from the longer coil.

not sure why it is oem only. maybe designed for a specific company that asked for that. who knows.
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I see what you're saying..

I guess that 1 ohm coil does come in handy..

Who would have thought one would ever see a "pro style" woofer with 1 ohm impedance?

That used to be an "exclusive" car audio phenomena, back in the old skool days, with Orion Red & other "cheater" amps
Fs = 35 Hz...cold...

6:30 pm

1" peak to peak @ 10Hz

Since a certain office saw fit to close 1 hour earlier than normal (without notice), I won't get my hands on the iNuke3000 until 10 am tomorrow, which chaps my ### pretty good right now.
So I unbridged the QSC and have it running 2 channel, with the driver on one of them. I'll put the iNuke on it first thing tomorrow (after a free-air measurement). Hopefully I don't toast the QSC before then. It worked out pretty well before with the RCF, but that was 8 Ohms bridged. I have a small, high speed fan blowing through it and it is merely warm to the touch so I figure it will be okay until morning. I need to have the beast in the box by Sunday morning if I am going to have time to dial it in. Otherwise, school assignments will severely disturb the process.

The 21SW is a bit heavier than its little brother at 40lbs. but still pretty light for a 21" driver. Excursion noise is a little higher than the 18 but there is much more cone so it is to be expected. Had to back off the power a little because it is running a little warmer than the 18SW did. I can confirm what Ricci noted about free air excursion, past a certain point, there is no more, accompanied by a doubling sound. I can test this more agressively with the iNuke, but my guess is that the particular peculiarity will persist. More to come...
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Originally Posted by lukeamdman  /t/1517820/b-c-21sw152-4-my-funny-valentine-has-arrived/0_100#post_24359983

I love my two. Seem bullet proof.
Yeah...I was looking through your Othorn thread. Serious business I'd say...

Somehow I think I can get just a bit more from the driver by stretching it out and raising somewhat the CMS. Won't be easy though because it is pretty effin stiff! I'm at 5 hours right now, so still a long, long way to go. I checked out the GR Research article at the time I had the 18SW and that was the impetus for the 2 day burn-in. I just wish that IPAL was available in 4 ohms...or available period for that matter. What a driver!

I can't seem to find that silly ZOD 621D. Where in blue hell did that thing come from? I tried ProSoundWeb and it seems no one has even heard of it. The riddle of ZOD I call it...every search returns old clips from Superman II and "General Zod"
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wait a minute...ipal is only available to manufacturers. zod is a mysterious manufacturer. ipal cone looks like zod cone. no back photo of zod driver. t/s specs look similar.

only thing that seems different is 1 ohm vs. 2 ohm, but the other parameters appears to scale about right, i.e. bl is about 1.414 times higher etc.

that drive would kick some booty in a largish low tuned tapped horn and who would be working on such a thing... hhmmm..... :)
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just stuck in a gh for example, not level matched. light gray curve would be ipal. obviously it could be optimized, but the back of the envelope suggests it would do quite well.
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max spl would look something like this.

essentially, it would be a gjallerhorn on the low end and an othorn on the top end.

i feel like such a dope for not seeing this before.

then again, i'm not sure if any of this is reality.
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After 15 hours continuous ... 29 Hz at 1 hour off sine [10 Hz]

Another 9 hours to go and its done... So the QSC had no problems in the night. What is also noteworthy is that the doubling appears to be attenuated a bit on the edge of the excursion envelope. I will know more later tonight at the end of the burn-in.
I wonder if I should go through this break-in process with mine?

Even after 6 months of some pretty serious use driving with with 5kw amps, their Fs is still ~38hz.

Can anyone elaborate on the effect of a drivers Fs compared to the tuning frequency of a horn? I know you can obviously tune lower than the Fs and be fine to a certain extent, but since the Othorn has a 28hz corner, would it be beneficial to "break in" the B&C's to lower their Fs from ~38hz to closer to 30hz? I'm crossing them at 26hz.
Tapped horns benefit from a higher fs compared to tuning (unlike other horn variants). Because there is no rear chamber, a higher FS than tuning helps control in band excursion peaks. In the othorn the in band excursion peak is around 38hz, so having FS there is likely beneficial.
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