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I am trying to help my friend with this situation and it is driving me a bit nuts to say the least, if anyone could help we would be so grateful, as he is recently unemployed and can not afford to pay for the installer to fix the issue. Trying to be a good friend and hope to find another one on this forum! I appreciate anyones advice. 



He has a B&K AVR505 Receiver and a PT-AE7000U projector and a Sony BDP-S590 Blu-Ray player. 


The cable connections are a mess and do not want to cause more problem by removing the receiver. 


1) There is a HDMI cable that leaves the blu-ray player and am assuming, in between the projector, there is some where it is outputting the audio somehow to the receiver in between the projector/blu-ray connections. Currently the Audio works on DVD's, netflix, but not on blu-rays. 


2) My first instinct was to plug in a digital optical cable form blu-ray to receiver. I tried to look in the manual of the AVR505 to change the inputs to take the digital optical for the DVD input with no luck. Usually receivers I have worked with before make this very clear and the AVR505 does not. 


Maybe it is named differently for the connections for this receiver or this receiver can't decode the proper codecs that the blu-ray player is outputting.


3) I read somewhere that he may need a analog output blu-ray player? Instead of the digital output? Is this correct and will this solve the problem?


Thank you for any advice. Greatly appreciate it!  
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