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I've got a B&K CT610 WHA system with CK1.2 and CK1.1 keypads. I currently use the keypads as my IR receivers/repeaters and the 610 for IR emitter distribution to all the AV components in a basement closet.

I just finished the theater area downstairs and non of my OEM remotes (AVR, SAT, PS3) work from a range of 15' from the keypad, 30 degree angle. If I move about 3 feet closer they work. However, the B&K CT610 OEM remote works fine from the 15ft range.

So, I assume its an IR signal strength issue, with the B&K remote being stronger.

My question: Do the Harmony remotes put out a stronger IR flash than most OEM remotes. Or should I give up the IR repeater system and just go with a Harmony 890 with RF capability. If the Harmony One has a strong signal I would probably go with that remote... as I don't particularly like the ergos of the 890. Ease of programing is key as I'm already wishing the B&K stuff was simpler to program.
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