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I have had a B&K Ref 7270 II for better than a decade. I pulled it from an old system and it has been in a box for 5 years waiting for my Home Theater to be completed. I am done now and have been using the amp for a couple of months and it sounds great as it always did.

It always ran hot as most of their gear does. One problem is that the 12V trigger just mutes the amp but it is still on. So even in standby it gets pretty warm. During heavy use it has been getting very hot. I have been putting my hand on the face before I shut it down to check on the temp.

The issue is the other day after some moderate use the faceplate was not hot at all. The top was a little warm but not hot. So my question is did something fail that is making it run cooler or maybe something was stuck after being in the box for so long and now is running ok?

Also, not sure if it has always done this but the red power light very slowly goes off when the amp is turned off. The 2 channell version that I have the red light goes off quickly.

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