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B&W 706 S2 + Amp with Dac help needed

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Hi Guys

I’m building my first stereo.
I’ve already have B&W 706 S2 and looking good amp for it I wanne use Pi or TV as a source so will be good that have a build in dac.

I’m listen mostly classical music, soft rock, pop, acoustic.

Wanne spend up to 700$ Amp may be used.
I was wondering about:

Marantz PM6005
Marant HD-AMP1
Yamaha A-S701
Rotel A11/A12
Primate i22
Heghel H80

will be glad for help.
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Hello, and welcome :)

What connections does your TV have, that will be important to know so you can get something that works well with the TV also. Do you have a lot of things connected to the TV?

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I would Like to use optical out as there is no RCA. I have concted Xbox + TV Decoder. I Wish to play via TIDAL installed on android tv
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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