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Hey all,

A friend is selling a pair of B&W 803 Series 2's for $800...in excellent shape. What kind of a deal is this? They were purchased in 1999, and have been treated with the utmost care.

Just a so so deal?

Also, how power hungry are these ol' floorstanders? I've heard stories that the 802 Series 2's needed gigantic monoblocks to power them.

Amazing site btw, a newbie like me could spend hours on here. One thing that I have been thinking about...everyone proclaims the importance of wall treatments to improve sound, and how its so important yada, yada yada...the problem is, wall treatments aren't exciting nor do they plug in. Brand new Mcintosh amps? They grow the prettiest blue ever...things that hang on the wall? Boring. (I feel like Tim Taylor) Oh my immaturity and inexperience is undoubtedly showing.


Nette B
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