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B&W CDM 7nt's and ASW CDM sub

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Any thoughts on these speakers? Do they require specific amping to sound good or will they work with a moderately powered integrated receiver? Any major known problems or desirable aspects from their past?

Just heard them & wondered about their history, since they seem to be discontinued. Was something wrong?

Thanks ya'll,

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The CDM series was replaced with the 700 series about 6 months ago. The 7NT is a very good speaker that will sound good with a quality integrated amp or AVR, however, it will also benefit as you improve the upstream components.
what would be the minimum watts to use? I was looking at the upcoming HK 635, which I believe is around high current, 80 wpc, all channels driven...
You can do much better than the ASW-CDM sub if your purpose is HT. If it's for 2 ch. "mild" music listening, it's a good sub, but even used, way overpriced IMO. You can definitely get more boom for the buck elsewhere. Don't feel that you have to match your sub to the rest of your speakers by brand name.
I'm not impressed with my B&W sub either (older ASW 500). I love my speakers though. I've listened to some of the upgrade models from B&Wand I'm planning ong going with Hsu.
Thanks Ya'll!
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