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B&W CDM9NT and Amplifier

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Hello everybody ,

I recently bought a pair of CDM 9NT but did not decide on the amplifier . I listened the speakers with a Classe - CAP 101 and that was quite satisfactory. Some recommend me to use Bryston B60 or 3BST . And another Rotel 991 ?

A little bit mixed up , can any one express his ideas about this ? Appreciate ...
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I am using a Rotel 991 with my B&W N804s, and I could not be happier. I am sure Classe and Bryston are better, but they are more expensive. The CDM 9NTs are a very similar load to the 804s. I think you will be very happy with the Rotel 991 or the newer 1080. The only difference between the two is a 12V trigger. If you need more than 2 channels, you may be able to find a 993 used which is the 3 channel version, or the 1095 is the 5 channel version.

I have cdm9-nt's.

At first i was using a Tag Mclaren 100*5r to power them.They sounded great.

I was then advised to either try bi-amping or a more powerfull amp.I was told that with a minimum impedence of 3ohms they are a difficult "drive".

I then tryed Bi-amping with the tag.

The speakers sound like I've upgraded.

Sharper bass and midrange.

Just check the specs of any amp to see how well it "likes" 3ohms.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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