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B&W centre channel lacking

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Hey guys

My setup consists of:

B&W 603 S3 floorstanders

B&W 602 S3 rears

B&W LCR60 S3

all being run off a Denon AVR-3803 with Monster cables all round

The 603's and 602's are great speakers but the LCR60 has dissapointed me

It just doesn't seem to be able to keep up with the others when watching movies....struggles with some dialogue and the tweeters become very harsh in certain scenes on films

Am i doing something wrong or have others found this too in the LCR60

What centre speaker could i replace it with......while keeping timbre matching and system integration in mind?
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Isn't there an LCR600 which is the beefier one people recommend?
yes- I have the LCR600. incredible. the upgrade should make a huge difference in your set up.. in my humble opinion, of course
thanks guys

i have quite a large room, do you think it will be sufficient?

will see if the shop i bought them from would like to do a trade in

@jkirby - how much power are you putting through yours?
i'll agree with the others here. i have 602's and originally went with the lcr60 but felt it lacking a bit. i had it for about three weeks and upgraded it to the lcr600 and there is a rather large difference. some poorly recorded movies still make me unsure of the dialogue, but it was a very worthwhile upgrade.

i may be upgrading to the newer 600 series due to the wenge finishes (wife is an interior designer) so i may be selling it shortly. not 100% sure yet since i need to hear them and she needs to see the finish, but pm me if interested. won't be for a few months though. i have the sorrento (light) finish.
yeah sounds like you need to give teh LCR600 an audition.
I also have an HT that uses the B&W 600 Series 3 line of speakers and I love it.

I have a 7.1 system with 3x DM601s across the front and 4x DM600s as surrounds. This is a great setup that sounds really good. I did have to buy a pair of DM601s to use one as the center, but now I have spare

You may want to try something similar, if you are able. The soundfield really is seamless.
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thanks guys, much appreciated

now i cant wait to go and give the LCR600 an audition

@govner - would have liked to have taken you up on that offer but i live in South Africa and unfortunately sound products cost MUCH more than they do in the US

will let you guys know what i think of the LCR600 once i've demo'd it
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