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Hi there

I am in Australia I have the chance to buy a second hand pair of BW DS3 speakers for use as side surrounds in a small 7.1 HT room. The seller is 3000 kms away and it is not possible to demo the speakers before purchase. I would welcome any feedback on these speakers.

I have another option to buy some new superseded Paradigm ADP 390 for 300 AUD more, or Axiom QS8 at an extra 500 AUD. I can also buy some new Monitor Audio bronze series BXFX at around the same price as the BW. Mission MHTDS can be bought new for about the same price as second hand BW's

I read lots of good comments about the Axioms and Paradigm but it is hard to find any comments about BW DS3's

The rest of my speakers are Osborn, an Australian brand using focal drivers

Thanks for any replies
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