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B&W Matrix vs Nautilus

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What's are the main differences between the B&W Matrix Series I, II, and III vs the Nautilus besides the looks?

I have a local source where I could pick up either Matrix 801's or 802's, both series II's for 2K a pair. If I was to buy all four plus the HTM center he would do the whole package for $4,500. I believe they are probably older speakers. A few minor scratches. They seem to sound pretty good. Was there much improvement in the Series III's and then in the Nautilus?

I wonder if it is better to go with a used Matrix 801 or 802 or a new Nautilus 805?
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He only has Matrix 801 SII and 802 SII. He would sell either pair for 2K. Or...I could get a new pair of 805 Nautilus for 2K. I have a Velodyne FSR18 and do enjoy listening to music at concert levels. Would the 805's do it for me?

Any other suggestions? Dealers? A/B tests performed??


Thanks for your perspective.


That's hard to do with so many other variables such as different room acoustics. Sure the Nautilus sounds better in the dedicated listening room powered by all the best equipment.

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Any other ideas regarding Matrix SI, II, III vs Nautilus before I make a decision?
Originally posted by john_Wong:

I totally agree with you on that prespective that is why i always encourage people to actually bring the speakers to your home, in your room, using your own equipment for audition ! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif especially if you are spending that much $$$$$$ on the speakers. Good audio video stores should be willing to work something out. If not bring your business somewhere else.

Yes, I understand that and will probably end up doing just that. I was just hoping that maybe someone had alrady done an A/B comparison and/or knows about any similarities or differences between the speaker models. Thanks for your help!

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