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Recently moved back to US and in process of setting up a/v in new home. For 'pure' audio, planning on resurrecting my old Adcom/B&W 801S2 combo but for day to day looking for a setup that to ensure domestic harmony, is uncluttered and relatively straightforward to operate. So once I figure out where I can purchase for a good price, pretty much decided on the Panorama 2.

Compared to many others here, I accept my expertise is limited. However, after reviewing the very informative threads here, not clear to me what is the optimal setup. Initially, I thought that despite the P2 having a number of HDMI inputs, would be cleaner to have the various sources go into and be switched via a receiver - with just 1 HDMI out to the P2, then the HDMI out of the P2 into the TV (especially as TV/P2 will be wall-mounted). A number of posts speak of sync problems, some requiring the P2 to be rebooted; others of difficulty to setup if sources not directly connected to the P2,.... Not sure if some of the issues have now been fixed by B&W (some talk about firmware updates).

Anyway, hoping some folks who have successfully navigated the various issues and have a P2 setup that they are pleased with will share their setup details with me. Any/all feedback gratefully received.

Finally, would like to hear from anyone who has the P2 'system', i.e., P2 coupled with the PV1D subwoofer. Not sure if necessary/worth it - but our main living room space is open/large and has very high ceilings - so is the PV1D something I should be considering.

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