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B&W S-video

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I am trying to connect my laptop to my TV. The laptop has a 7 pin s-video out and the TV has composite(RGB) in and 4 pin s-video in. I have a 7-pin s-video to composite adapter, which I had converted to a 4-pin(removed the middle 3 pins and the black plastic rectangle for a previous project), that I used to connect my laptop to the TV. The picture shows up as black and white(just to be clear it is a color TV). I have made sure I have an up to date driver and I have adjusted it to NTSC_M. What am I doing wrong? Will a new 7-pin to composite adapter fix this?
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Why not use a normal S-video cable? The pins 1-4 of the 7-pin mini-DIN connector of every GPU (if exists) use the standard S-video pinout.
I'd question your understanding of 'composite' as it is not 'RGB', instead it's the Yellow RCA jack that is typically called "Video" back in the VHS-days. RGB and YPrPb and YCrCb are component in nature and are more modern. I am not familiar with a 7-pin S-Video and suspect you may need an adapter specific to your laptop as a breakout cable which would have (possibly) a 4-pin S-video, (Yellow) Video and maybe more...
 7-pin mini-DIN , that shouldn't be confused with S-video (the first 4 pins support S-video, though).
Originally Posted by pulsar2121
The picture shows up as black and white...
Given the delicate nature of the pins it's possible you are not making contact on one of the pair of pins that carries the color signal of S-Video. That would be a simple fix if what you had working is just not making up the color pair - check them and assure they're not bent/broken.
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