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B&W vs. Aerial

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i was wondering if anyone has compared the B&W N802 and HTM1 to the Aerial LR5 and CC5.

i live in toronto, where the only aerial dealer doesn't have the LR5 or CC5 in the store.

i love the look of the aerial's, and have been set on picking them up based on the glowing reviews i have heard from members of this forum, as well as on the unbelievable attention given to me by michael kelly every time i call aerial to ask a question.

but the b&w 802's are just so much easier for me to get (everyone carries them around here), and i would be able to get them AND the amplifiers i want (bryston 14b st's) from the same store, which would allow me to get a much greater package discount (the aerial dealer doesn't carry bryston).


- jd
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This question has been debated many times. Just do a search on B&W and Aerial. Here's a similar thread that ran awhile ago:

B&W or Aerial?

I have always preferred Aerial to B&W but that is a personal choice. With speakers you have to audition them yourself and decide which you like best. I would also recommend you check out Classe for your amplifiers, especially if you decide on the Aerial speakers as Classe works exceptionally well with the Aerials.

I personally prefer the Aerials as well. ( I have the 10'Ts, CC5,SR'3's an additional pair of 10T's on the way, and will probably get the SW 12 soon as well.)

I agree with Earl, however, that you really have to audition them for yourself.

I would suggest that you bring a couple of CD's that you are very familiar with and listen for somehing specific like a hihat cymbal part or a female voice on each pair of speakers. I mainly listened for a hihat (I am a drummer) section in a particular song that I know very well. That really helped me in my selection process.

To me the [email protected]'s (I am not sure what models I auditioned, but I heard several) sounded a little harsh and fatiqing in the highs. I didn't care for the hihat sound on my demo material at all. Many people love thier [email protected]'s and I think to thier ears the highs sound more crisp and detailed.

The Aerias sounded real and natural to me. I fell in love with thier sound. The hihat sounded like a real hihat to me. To people who prefer [email protected] the Aerials probably sound less detailed. (Not to me though).

To sum it up I would say that both Aerial and [email protected] are very highly regarded speakers, but they have very different sounds. Before spending that much money I would suggest figuring out which sound YOU prefer. After all it doesn't matter what I like. What sounds good to you is all that really matters for your system.

Good luck and Best Wishes
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