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Hi -

The surrounds for my 5.1 system are Boston Acoustics CS26, each weighing 12.5 lbs according to the specs.

I plan to wall mount them. They have a keyhole mount on the back, but there is a port on the back of each - if I'm not mistaken, should there not be a bit of clearance between the port and the wall?

If I use the keyhole mount there won't be much/any clearance, so thinking I might be better off using separate wall mounts?

Anybody know of some good and reasonably priced mounts to fit these? I've checked out the mounts on Monoprice, which may or may not do the job depending on which review(s) you believe (some say they bend/warp with more than 10 lbs even though rated for more). Also checked out a couple of mounts by BTech, although can't seem to locate prices (may need to contact). Any other choices?

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