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yes, I've mounted almost everything, wasted a lot of time and spent a lot of energies! (better to do not talk about money!! :( )

raised the 1209s in a special ceiling braket (that I've designed), mounted the new power amplifier (a Krell), mounted the new speakers (the slightly expensive, but incredibly good Zingali) and then configured everything again.

raising the 1209s was a nightmare. the ceiling braket weights some 40 pounds, and it was a task to raise it too, before the big beast...

after that, turning on the pj, the noise generated (after 1 hour) is incredible. I'm still waiting for ordered new set of silenced fans ... :(

after that I bought the new Zingali speakers ( www.zingali.it ), the Home Monitor 212 for main speakers (cost some 15,000$ here in Italy), the 212 Studio Monitor for center (some 10.000$), and the Overture 2.s (3,200 $) as rear channels...

yes, they cost a lot of money (and weight very much too, the center speaker is about 170 pounds... and all the other speakers are proportioned!), but I've never heard anything with that sound, at least for my hears...

the only horns capable to produce some 99db/w with no distortion at all. After 20+ years in which I bought many, many expensive speakers, designed some, and produced several prototypes approaching various technologies, I've found the final solution, very probably for ever! (I hope!)

and... a new screen. I'm still waiting a response after have sent many requestes to Stewart about the purchase of a 130 inches diagonal screen (1.3 gain) - I requested about the maximum discount possible, but I've never received any message back, after some months...

In any case I've bought a Mechanische Weberai screen (1.2 gain) ice white, very sharp and very fine granulated...

I will post some pictures very soon. For now, the only thing that I can say is that I'm looking (in a comfortable new big leather made sofa) an incredibly bright and detailed image, hearing what I estimate to be the best sound ever heard in my life, and not only.... the noise of the pj too! boooooooh! :(

at least I've spent my money and mountd that beast without the nightmare constituted by the WAF...

I'm not married at all!! :D :D :D


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