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I am looking to purchase a new pair of speakers. My budget is around 1500.00for my front L/R and I will add to them (sub,center etc..) as I can afford.

I will likely be driving them with a new Integra DTR 50.2 receiver, 135 wpc.

I have auditioned the 683's from B&W and like the quality of the sound however they are a bit out of reach in price, however from what I have read B&W has made quality speakers for many years so this may create some flexibilty. I have also auditioned the RX6 series from Monitor Audio and they sounded very good to me as well, but I dont know much about them as a company or where they stack up in the industry as a whole.

They will be placed in a 2000 cubic foot room. (15 x 16 x 8)

I know it all comes down to what sounds good to the listener but is there any advice anyone can offer me on these two product lines?
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