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Brief intro -- I'm in the design stage of an 11 X 20 room that will serve as a home theater/collectibles showcase. I hope to start construction in roughly a month, but before I do, there are some construction issues I need to figure out.

First, my house is a two-story home in Arizona, built on a post-tension slab. The room (already finished with drywall, but that's another issue) will be built on the main floor and has another room above it. As you can see in the attached pic, I plan on having a half-wall countertop behind the couch that attaches on the side into cabinets. My question is this: since I have a post-tension slab and, according to the builder, cannot drill into it, how do I secure the right side of the wall to the floor? Can I do this with a wooden sub-floor, gluing it to the foundation, or something else? Yes, I've never built out a room before.

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