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Bad news from Time Warner cable/internet

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Time Warner to test internet billing based on usage.


"The second largest U.S. cable operator said it will test consumption-based billing with subscribers in Beaumont, Texas later this year..."

"Slowing network congestion due to downloading of large media files such as video is a growing problem for Time Warner Cable. The company said the problem will worsen as video downloading becomes more popular."

It also mentions other companies could follow.

I know if I had Time Warner anything I would be canceling right now, and I would be sure they knew this was the reason.
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That absolutely does suck but what does that have to do with HTPCs in particular?
Well, I download movies such as netflix and watch them that way on my HTPC, I'm sure other do as well.

Eventually I would think this will be a preferred way for a lot of people to get their movies, and if by that time the service providers are charging us by usage that will really put a damper on things.

If you meant to say I posted in the wrong area, I looked and didn't see anyplace better to put it. It seems related to me.
As much as this TWC move stinks, it is not nearly so heinous as Comcast's banning of paying customers for using "too much" bandwidth. That would seem to be a legally unsupportable move, as the service plan does not specify usage limits (i.e., ##GB/month). But they've been doing it anyway.
Just better hope that Cox won't have this type of trouble...
It's certainly a double-edged sword.

On one hand, it would certainly help to cut down on piracy. Once people realize they're going to start being charged by their cable company anyway to download all those free games, movies, etc, they might figure it's just as well to actually go out and buy the piece of software rather than steal it.

But of course, at the same time, it's a rough price to pay for people who ARE doing everything legally. How does this effect people who play MMO's? Or like you've said, people who use Netflix/etc. to download movies? Here's a pathetic quote from that article:

"Largely, people won't notice the difference," said the Time Warner Cable spokesman. "We don't want customers to feel they're getting less for more."

Of course, the people who ARE light users won't notice the difference. But I'd really like to know the technicalities of this arrangement. Will those light users now pay less per month, or does everyone pay AT LEAST the cost of monthly service now, plus whatever premium they define as being a heavy user? Because if they are doing this to ONLY punish the heavy users, and the light users get no reward out of it, then that is total garbage and should be investigated by someone. I'd like to know the details of this.
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