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Bad picture using component connection

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Hi, I'm new here.

I just got a Toshiba 46H83 a few days ago and decided to replace my cheap Mintek DVD player with a progressive scan one with component outputs. So I bought a Toshiba SD-3900 DVD player thinking it would be a good match with my TV. Along with it I purchased some Acoustic Research component cables.

Well I got home, hooked everything up, popped in a DVD, and was very disappointed with the picture. There are these reddish-orange, blotchy patches all over the place. Mainly noticable on faces, hands, etc. It doesn't look like the chroma bug issue I've read about. There are no horizontal lines, just washed-out looking reds where there shouldn't be any.

The picture looks fine when I hook it up via composite cable, but when using the component cables it looks horrible! Any ideas what could be causing this?
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I assume your Toshiba display has separate picture settings for each input

(my Toshiba does). You'll have to set the Brightness, Contrast, Hue, and

Saturation settings for the component input. See if that helps.

p.s. get a DVE or AVIA calibration disc.
You should go into the DVD settings menu. You may have to tell it you are using component video. It will also let you tell it if you want interlaced or progressive scan. On Toshiba sets a lot of times the picture will look better interlaced. Try both.
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