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This site was recommended to me by Tony Haukap as a possible place for some help.

I recently bought a Sony KV-32hs510 HDTV.

Everything looks fantastic, EXCEPT about 1/2 of my standard cable stations

look bad. They seem to be pixellated/ modeled in peoples faces. I have

tried all of the DRC (Digital Reality Creation) settings and NONE improve

this flaw.

Is there ANY way for me to turn DRC OFF completely. And just receive the

signal as if it were a standard tv. OR otherwise improve my signal. Or am I just stuck with a bad picture on some stations?


I need to know if I should return this tv. DVD's look unbelieveable but the

1/2 the cable stations just aren't acceptable.

I will check back often, or you can email me at [email protected]

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Joel Thomas
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