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Bag End Subs

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Never heard of them but read a favorable review of them just last week. Bass extension to 8 Hz supposedly.

Any one have or audition an Infra 12 or 18 (home version not the Pro)

If so (in your opinion) how do they compare lets say a Paradigm Servo 15 or Velodyne DD-15 ?

The company seems to focus on studio and auditorium speakers. I was just wondering how musical/accurate their subs are.

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There is a review of the Infra 12 in the November 2004 issue of Ultimate AV. The author, Robert Deutcsh wrote this quote:

"The Infrasub-12 does very well with music, providing an almost ideal blend with the main speakers, but it neither goes as low nor loud as its senior sibling, and there are some less expensive subwoofers around that perform as well or better in a home theater context. At $849, the slightly bigger Hsu Research VTF-3 plays louder than the Infrasub-12 and its low-end extension is comparable."

Does not help you directly with the Paradigm or Velo, but might give you some frame of reference. (The VTF-3MK2 is even less expensive now)
Funny, that's the article I think I read.

I was looking at ~15" subs Paradigm and Velodyne when I came across the article. I thought the 18" senior sibling might be worth considering due to the price difference.

Doesn't seem to have mass market distribution like the big dogs though.
I own 2 infrasub 18 units.

They do go low, but they are not very loud at these low frequencys. That is part of the design of these subwoofers. So great for music, but if you want to shake your house during movies with LFE you might better look elsewhere. Combination would be nice if your processor supports this (lexicon for example)

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