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Balanced vs unbalanced inputs, what should I do?

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I just purchased an Aragon 8008BB amp that has balanced inputs. My current pre-amp, an Acurus RL-11, does not have balanced outputs. Could someone explain the differences between the two, when one is preferable over the other, and gasp, do I need to think about upgrading my pre-amp?

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I highly recommended you read it.

Just in case you're not too interested in technical details, I'll just summarize for you here:

1) Balanced connection rejects common-mode noise better. This is only mostly important if you have long interconnect and/or are living near huge transformer station or something.

2) Balanced connection gives you extra 6dB of headroom for slightly increased signal to noise ratio.

3) BIGGY - Balanced line is less susceptible to ground-loop problems. In fact, "less" is a weak word for this.

4) Technically, signals have to go through more devices for it to be balanced (lower signal-to-noise ratio), but in real practice, they ACTUALLY do better.

5) Finally, for what it's worth, I am using unbalanced connection everywhere except from preamp to my electronic crossovers. That interface is the only LONG one and also since they're connected to different power outlets, they could use some help against ground-loop. I can honestly say that it is working extremely well for me.

Aragon has both balanced AND unbalanced inputs. You can just use unbalanced inputs. If you really want to, you can create a balanced output for your preamp using a pair of opamps (Burr-Brown OPA2134's recommended) and +/-15V power supply (Simple 7815/7915 ones will do)

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