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Balun Problems

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I bought a Winegard 9032 and also a balun, not knowing there was one with the new antenna. I installed the one I bought and it lasted about a week, so I put on the one that came with the antenna and it lasted about three weeks. Is there one on the market that will last? It is a real pain to have to change one out every couple of weeks. Thanks for any help.
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What's the particular problem with the two that you said went "bad"? Most outdoor baluns are much the same.The biggest problem is keeping the moisture out.
Both of the baluns that went bad showed continuity from both of the leads of the 300 ohm end to the threads and to the connector that the coax wire connects on the other end. Moisture was not the cause of the problem on either one.
Some baluns are transformers with two windings and electrically isolate the input leads from the output. Other, cheaper baluns are single-wind "autoformers" and will exhibit continuity from input to output even when they are working properly.

Is there any reason to believe that your balun deteriorated? Did it work well, but is now working less well.

Generally, the ones that are 1/2" in diameter are autoformers and the ones that are 3/4" in diameter are dual winding transformers.
When I first bought the antenna I put it up for only about 4 hours then took it down and installed the antenna permanently about a week later and didn't have a signal. I tried several remedies and then changed the balun and the problem was solved. The next one was on the antenna about 3 weeks and then last night we again had no signal. I put on an old one and again fixed the problem. I checked the old one before I put it on and it was not the autotransformer type. I don't know what type the ones that failed were, but they did go bad since changing them out solved the problem..
The failure rate for baluns, other than when they get hit by lightning is near zero. I have installed and am responsible for hundreds of them.

You may have some other intermittent problem that gets temporarily "remedied" just by handling the coax. You should look into the end of each "F" connector and see if there is a tiny "stinger" that can short between the outer and inner conductors, and also make sure they are dry.
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