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Hey guys,

I met Phil a few months back while buying a subwoofer and when we got to talking, he mentioned a new speaker that he was working on. I had the opportunity to stop by and use the speakers with any content I wanted and get some real use out of them last week and thought I'd share the experience.

One thing that was very apparent about Phil is his passion and dedication. I can tell that he is deeply invested in designing and engineering quality speakers. An engineer with an obsession is a dangerous thing, but in this case, as I sat down and listened to them, it's a very good thing. Over the years I've been to a lot of shows, heard a lot of speakers, and have bought and sold more speakers than I can keep track of. Surprisingly, there was a very distinct difference with these that really set them apart from everything I've heard so far. The more material I played, the more surprised I was at how perfect high, mid, and low frequencies were true to the content. Being an engineer myself, I'm always looking for problems, things to improve, and am slightly OCD, but I couldn't find a flaw on any of the tracks I played. Imaging was spectacular and the overall sound put a smile on my face. Using my laptop I played a variety of high resolution streams, FLAC, MP3's, and even a few Pandora stations. As I listened to the different types of material, all the little details added up to a system that ruthlessly pursues perfection. That's the best description I can come up with and for the first time in a long time; I wanted to listen to anything and everything just to hear them on these, and that's quite a feat as I've owned some great speakers and equipment over the years.

Beyond the sound, one of the things I liked most about these were the fact that they were powered, remote controlled, and allowed me to hook up my laptop through USB. (I love this feature and really wish I had this on my 2 channel setup) With this option, it really makes them versatile, easily transitioning between different setups. (2 channel, home theater, quick hook up with a phone, laptop, or other audio device) That's something I hadn't even considered and now that I've seen it, would want in any new speaker I purchase. Phil would get excited after hearing some of the things I played, and want to switch back to his equipment and it took no time at all. (Plug n Go)

I wanted to post because these speakers really impressed me, and I know there are many other audiophiles out there looking for something new, something worth getting. As for myself, I am an audio enthusiast who has been collecting, trading, and upgrading my speakers for the last 10 years and am now seriously considering selling some of my collection to get a pair of these. If you have a chance to hear these, I absolutely recommend them.

- Matt
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