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bang for the buck, which one, S1, G10, 800U

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Originally, I was looking at 50", then 54", now 58".

We just moved into a new home and I need a new TV, have a 32" Westinghouse 720 which was very nice in my old home (small room).

Now, I'll be sitting roughly 11-14 feet way. Not too much light with blinds closed and I get home late anyway. I was looking at the S1, G10 54 and now the TH-58PZ800U. I know it's older tech., but it's bigger.

I'll mainly watch TV shows, College Football, MLB baseball, and PS3 on this television. I'm a set it and be done person, not a big movie buff, and the internet connection is not worth it as I have a PS3.

I will be buying from amazon, I have $275 in Amazon Credit and they are pretty close on prices. I don't need the greatest and latest, just something great. My Dad has a Pioneer (non-kuro) and told me to look at Vizio, but apparently they stopped making plasmas. I hear Samsung is almost as good, even though consumer reports has them slightly better than Panny.

Should I go with I with the 58" 800U, the 54" G10/S1, or wait for the 58" S1. Or possibly something else, but I want Plasma and $1400-$2K?
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I'd wait for the 58S1, or get a 54S1 if you want to save a few bills.

Originally Posted by StinDaWg /forum/post/16883152

I'd wait for the 58S1, or get a 54S1 if you want to save a few bills.

QFT. I enjoy my 50S1. That being said, I should have waited for the 54S1. The G10 is the next model up and can be had at a good price.
Just note that the 800u is a rather dark plasma, I have one and both my old 50 75u and Samsung A550 were brighter. Test it out first.
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