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Bangkok Dangerous will not play

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I picked up used copy of Bangkok Dangerous on Ebay. Just got it earlier today and I inserted the disc and saw some very weird stuff. I saw two options. Music and Photo. There were no previews or main menu. No movie period. I looked into the folders and saw what appeared to be a folder structure like BDMV.

I inserted it again and I saw a Disc not inserted message.

I've never experienced this before upon buying a movie.

The disc is genuine. Has all the studio printing. It does not look like a pirated copy at all.

I've notified the seller that I cannot play this disc.

Have any of you experienced this?
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Depends on the version. I bought the original Pang Brothers version on DVD but in the US it was 4:3 (originally 2:35:1). Ugh! I though it a much better movie than their remake with Nicolas Cage.
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