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Barco 1101 - arcing inside tube

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Well, my Barco Data 1101 arrived. It would power up, but wouldn't throw any picture. It turns out the sizzling sound I heard when trying to start it up is arcing inside the neck of the green tube. I disconnected just the neck board, and then it arced toward the front of the tube when I powered it up. I then pulled the green HV lead from the splitter, powered it up again, and shazaam! Cheers projected on my garage wall, except of course Sam and Diane were all purply-looking, not to mention being unconverged.

So - is the green tube toast? Is there something in the projector that can be repaired?

It really is a shame. The tube itself looks great. No burn on the phosphor whatsoever.
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There's a leak in your green tube so you have to replace it with a new one


That should be a Sony SD 146 tube, used in alot of PJ's. The cheapest place to get them was from a place in UK.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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